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Packaging Guide

****Disclaimer: We will not be liable for any missing or inaccurate information on your packaging. Please contact Dubai Municipality, ADAFSA, or the responsible government authority for your product to confirm the requirements.
For Food Products
The UAE standard UAE S.9: 2017 “Labelling for Prepackaged Food Stuffs” replaced the Gulf Standardization Organization (GSO) standard GSO 9:2013.  This UAE standard has been approved and published as a technical regulation and is mandatory.  The standard sets the framework for the packaging and labeling requirements of the UAE.  The following labeling information is required in Arabic, either as part of the packaging or as an affixed label:
  • Product and brand names
  • Lot identification/lot number
  • Production and expiry dates
  • Country of origin
  • Manufacturer name
  • Instruction for storage and use
  • Manufacturer address
  • Net content weight in metric units
  • List of ingredients and additives (Using their “E” number and group names are acceptable) in descending order of proportion
  • All fats and oils used as ingredients
  • Product barcode
  • Name of the food, packer, distributor or importer
  • Warning statements, if any
  • Nutritional declaration


Labels must be in Arabic only or Arabic/English.  Arabic stickers are accepted.

Note: The production and expiry dates must be printed on the original manufactured installed label.  Companies should consider cultural norms and values when designing and developing product packaging.

To read the full article:

Other sources: Food Labelling Requirements cop.pdf


For Cosmetic Products

The mandatory information standard requires the product ingredients be listed on the container or the product itself, if not packed in a container. It is expected that the information would be available at the time products are at the point of entry. Where the container or the product is of a size, shape or nature that prevents ingredient labeling by any of the above methods, the mandatory information standard requires that the information be shown in a way that allows consumers to be informed. This may be achieved, for example, by using swing tags, leaflets, brochures, etc.

The followings are the required components that must be declared in clear English or Arabic language:

  • Product name
  • Brand name of the product
  • Manufacturer detail
  • Country of origin
  • Ingredients
  • Size or Weight of the product
  • Production & Expiry dates or/ Period After Opening (PAO)
  • Storage conditions; unless it is clear from the product name or presentation
  • Instructions of use; unless it is clear from the product name or presentation
  • Health warning notes; unless it is clear from the product name or presentation
  • Code Industrial number of product (Barcode) & Batch number
  • Medical claims not allowed
  • Pictures, illustration which are inconsistent with the prevailing social customs and values shall not be used.

Based on these conditions, the health inspector/officer from CPSS will withdraw any cosmetic product that does not comply with the specifications mentioned above and issue fines to the violated individuals.


Other Sources: Freezone/Guideline ID-IO-G03, Cosmetic, Personal Care products and Perfumes, Rev. 00, Jan18.pdf


General Notes and Tips

  1. Please look for a supplier before requesting your packaging design. Some suppliers, like those from Alibaba, may require a minimum order quantity for fully customized packaging so be sure to check their policies beforehand.
  2. Ask for samples before agreeing to have your packaging mass produced to check for text errors and layout issues that might not have been visible on screen.
  3. There might be differences in colors on the print files I give and the actual printed artworks. Colors are dependent on the materials where the artworks will be printed and the supplier’s printers. This is one reason why it’s important to ask for samples first.
  4. Please please please triple check all the content before we send the artworks for printing! We will not be responsible for any errors on the final print files 😊