Marley Designs

Hi, I’m Marley.

Your Brand Designer and Strategist

With 6 years of freelance design experience and 3 years of professional agency experience, I’ve helped different brands from all sorts of industries look good and appeal to their ideal customers.

After jumping from one company to another, I decided to quit the corporate world and registered for my business license to focus on helping passionate entrepreneurs like you build their dream brands. 

I genuinely care about each brand that is created under Marley Designs. I value the relationships I make with my clients, and I feel so proud and happy whenever I see their businesses grow and succeed.

Young, passionate,
and a full creative at heart

Making things pretty has always been my thing since I was young. I grew up watching Art Attack and giving my family and friends handmade crafts I learned from the show. In school, I have always loved scrapbooking, decoration contests, and anything related to art and design.

That’s why I didn’t hesitate to accept when I was offered a college scholarship to a good design school. Through hard work and dedication, I graduated Cum Laude, and I have loved every step of the challenging journey that has led me here today.

When I moved to the UAE, I worked for different companies as a designer and didn’t quite enjoy the limitations of being in a structured organization. Design, for me, is self-expression, and I knew I needed to find a way to gain creative freedom. So I started Marley Designs to follow my passion and live a life doing what I love.

Brand Designer and Strategist Marley Alconera
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I started my own business and I know how overwhelming it feels

I started a small (side hustle) business in Manila to understand how running a business works. Though I am hundreds of miles away, I’ve been overseeing operations, managing the brand, and feeling the same crazy hurdles of trying to make it succeed. From the overwhelming chaos of building the brand from scratch to figuring out how to make it work a few months later, I’ve been there, and I seriously know how crazy it feels!

That’s why I’m here to help you gain clarity about your brand and help you reach your business goals through strategic design and business solutions. I know and understand that having a clear direction seriously helps.

Work with a creative partner who will help you understand your brand,
make it look good, and guide you in reaching your goals.

I won’t create just a ‘pretty’ brand for you. It will be intentional, thoughtful and something that connects well with your customers.

Ready to elevate your brand?

I’d love to know more details about your business! Let’s see if we’re a great fit.