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Mendy Beauty

Mendy Beauty is a Dubai-based luxury wigs brand founded by beauty enthusiast Lisette Mendy. The brand catered mostly to Western influencers and celebrities so she wanted the overall look of her brand to reflect her price point and convey the luxurious feel she is going for.

Marley Designs helped them with:
Brand Strategy + Brand Identity + Website Development

Mendy Beauty

The Before

When Marley first talked to Lisette, her business was having some kind of identity confusion – she used different brand names on the logo and website domain. She also had a DIY logo that needed redesigning to reflect her brand’s new goal of looking expensive and luxurious.

New Positioning

Marley met with Lisette for a strategy session and discussed what she wanted to accomplish for the brand, who her customers were and how they differed from other brands in their market. They also talked about new ideas that had never occurred to Lisette before but are now essential components of the company’s strategy.

At the end of the session, they agreed to positioning the brand as a beauty-centered brand that focuses on helping women get ready and beautiful in a matter of seconds. Here’s the brand’s new positioning statement:

“For modern women who want to feel ready, confident, and beautiful by using wigs, Mendy Beauty is a beauty company that sells luxurious handmade hair pieces made with the highest quality materials. Unlike other wig companies, Mendy Beauty targets people of all nationalities and we use good quality laces that will make wearing a wig look very natural.”

Mendy Beauty

Mood Board

Mendy Beauty is a beauty brand for women who want to feel beautiful and luxurious. We used colors that embody luxury, elegance and opulence like black, gold, nudes, and white. Overall, the brand has to look luxurious, expensive, and designer. It is highly fashionable and everything a grown expensive woman wants to be.

Mood Board for Mendy Beauty


We gave Lisette 3 logo options that made use of sleek typefaces that were intended to embody the brand’s personality and showcase sophistication, luxury, and glam. 

She selected the middle logo’s wordmark and asked it to be combined with the third logo’s MB icon.

Mendy Beauty Logo

The Final Look


For her website, she wanted it to look luxurious and make women feel beautiful and empowered. We eventually launched her website at the end of November 2021.

Mendy Beauty Website

The Results

  • Lisette was able to understand what her brand was about. She wasn’t just selling wigs but helping women become instantly beautiful and confident.

  • Her new luxurious look allowed her to easily raise her pricing. It has also helped her confidently reach out to potential collaborators, suppliers, and influencers.

  • Two months since we launched Mendy Beauty’s new website, she’s already felt the immediate boost of a her rebrand and new website. Combined with consistent marketing efforts, she’s gotten back her full investment on her brand and experienced an increase in her overall sales.

Lisette Mendy


“We leveled up. The image of our brand is much clearer now.

The whole process was perfect. I connected with Marley since our first zoom meeting and I knew that she’s the right person to work with.”

– L. Mendy, Founder, Mendy Beauty, Dubai, UAE

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