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Hapihap Spa and Massage, established in 2013, is located in the province of Bicol, Philippines. They wanted to rebrand in order to modernize the look of the logo and prepare the brand for franchising and expansions.

Marley Designs helped them with:
Brand Strategy + Brand Identity

Hapihap Spa and Massage

The Before

When the owners of Hapihap first reached out to me in July 2021, all they wanted was a new logo. They felt that their logo was outdated and does not represent who they were as a brand. And after further discussion through a Zoom meeting, they agreed that what they needed was a rebrand and not just a new logo.

New Positioning

We hopped on a 3-hour strategy session where we discussed their business, their offerings, their goals, their target market, competitors, and the vision they have for their new brand.

At the end of the session, we were able to come up with a clear positioning that I later improved on after further research. Given the data I got from our session, I was also able to help them weave a story that will further humanize their brand so they could appeal better to their target market.

“For tired professionals who want immediate relief from body pain, Hapihap is a wellness spa that seeks to help recharge and heal the body and mind from stress through caring and holistic massage. Unlike other massage providers, Hapihap is proudly Bicolano and looks and feels like home.”

Hapihap does not only offer massage services. Here, you are cared for. You are home. You come out of their spa feeling healed from stress and body pain.

Zoom Meeting with Hapihap

Mood Board

Hapihap’s visual aesthetics should look homey and relaxing yet a bit more elevated to give way to their new and higher price point. We wanted to also position the brand as a proudly Bicol brand that uses local Bicolano materials throughout their interiors.

Overall, Hapihap wants you to feel at home and cared for.


I gave them 3 logo solutions that all match the positioning we agreed on and they believe that the first one was the best option.

I still used a hand for their icon, representing the direct translation and meaning of Hapihap which is “caring touch”. At Hapihap, each of their clients come out recharged through the caring and professional hands of their therapists.

I also wanted to pay homage to the old logo so their previous clients will not lose their sense of familiarity with the brand.

Hapihap Logo Studies

The Final Look

The Results

  • The owners were able to understand what their brand was about, helping them make easier business decisions.
  • They were able to explain the brand to their employees better, motivating their masseuses and giving them purpose so they aren’t just giving massages but doing it with care and intention.
  • They look more professional and it was much easier for them to attract higher-end clients.
  • They were able to start on their expansion goals. 4 months after the rebrand launch, Hapihap has already opened its 5th branch in a different town.


“Before, branding is not important to us but now we love the overall new look of our brand.

She is just so comfortable to work with, she will help you out and put into reality what’s on your mind.”

– M. Mirabel, Owner, Hapihap Spa and Massage, Philippines

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