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Gracias Cleaning is a Dubai-based cleaning company. The owners approached me with a clear understanding of the importance of branding in starting a new business. They knew they were going to offer cleaning services but did not know how to position it in an oversaturated market.

Together, we worked on creating a brand that demonstrates their commitment to providing top-notch cleaning services to their valued clients.

Marley Designs helped them with:
Brand Identity + Website Development

The Before

The owners sent us a sample of their preferred logo direction and wanted to add the Dubai skyline to their logo.


During our strategy call, we had the opportunity to discuss the offers, philosophy, brand personality, target market, competitors, and website goals of Gracias Cleaning. By carefully considering these factors, we were able to identify the direction and positioning they wanted for their brand.

Gracias Cleaning’s goal was to create a brand that offers high-quality yet affordable cleaning services from well-trained, professional, and trustworthy staff. They understand that the home is a private place, and they wanted to ensure that their brand conveys a sense of trustworthiness and reliability that their clients can truly entrust their homes with.

By prioritizing these values, both the owners and our team were easily able to make design decisions that aligned with the business’ goals.

Mood Board

For the visual direction of Gracias Cleaning, we aimed for a clean and light aesthetic that would appeal to the young professional demographic. We used a combination of blue and pink colors to create a fresh and modern look that conveys the cleanliness and tidiness that Gracias Cleaning provides. Additionally, we used clean imagery to reinforce this feeling and to evoke a sense of calm and serenity that comes with having a clean home.


During the design process, we provided Gracias Cleaning with two logo options that aligned with their brand’s goals. After careful consideration, they ultimately chose the left option which features a playful and modern design. This logo effectively represents Gracias Cleaning’s commitment to providing top-notch cleaning services while still maintaining a friendly and approachable demeanor.

With this playful and modern logo, Gracias Cleaning is well-positioned to appeal to their target audience while still conveying their values of professionalism and reliability.

The Final Look

The Results

  • Gracias Cleaning was fully booked a few months after the brand and the website was launched.
  • It was easier for the owners to communicate the goals of the business to their staff, letting them know that trustworthiness and reliability is important.
  • They look professional and it was much easier for them to gain clients’ trust.
  • They had a memorable brand identity that easily stood out in the community, making them the go-to choice for cleaning services.


We found the right person that matched our preferences. All the things we needed from day 1 of the meeting were executed very well with Marley. She guides us every step of the way. The whole project is not stressful. We are very pleased and proud of the outcome.

We are very happy working with Marley.

– M. Tagaduar, Owner, Gracias Cleaning, Dubai

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