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Clara the Brand Logo

Clara the Brand sells a wide range of scented essentials and hosts candle making workshops in Dubai.

It aspires to become a lifestyle brand that inspires and empowers women. The brand puts great value in personalization and making each customer feel special.

Marley Designs helped them with:
Brand Strategy + Brand Identity + Website Development

The Before

The brand was previously called Nightingale Lamp and its brand story is centered around Florence Nightingale, a notable female icon being tagged as a “Lady with the Lamp.” Like Florence Nightingale, the owner wanted to use the brand as a way to be the light for women, especially during their darkest times.

As months passed, the owner realized that she wanted to rebrand because she was ready to take her brand to the next level. She wanted to sell more than just candles and wanted a brand identity that aligned with her new goal. In addition to that, she observed that people had difficulty spelling “Nightingale”.

New Positioning

We did a 3 hour in-person strategy session and talked about her brand. At the end, we were able to touch base on the vision she wanted and we were able to clarify which direction we wanted the brand to head. Here’s their new positioning:

“For working women who are tired, stressed and burned out, Clara the Brand is a lifestyle brand that sells specially formulated fragrance products because we want to help women be empowered, take up space, and be their best selves. Unlike other competitors, our brand is for women empowerment and personalized to make you feel special and loved.”

Clara the Brand does not only offer products and services. The brand gives women the power to love themselves more.

The Final Look