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Discover the heart of your brand
and make your customers fall in love
Brand Strategy
Logo & Identity

Say farewell to the diy brand that’s holding you back,
start showing up like the brand you want to be,
and more importantly, like the brand your customers want.

How do we do that? Here’s my approach:

Embrace Clarity

Get a clearer picture of what your brand stands for, from purpose and values to mission and more.


Discover what makes your target customers tick so you can connect with them on a deeper level.

Elevate Purpose

Take advantage of visual messaging to touch your audience in a way that relates to them.

Be On Track

Have a clearer view of the path ahead. Be armed with clear and actionable steps and maximize your brand’s potential.

How it Works



Hop on a strategy session with me to discover the heart of your brand and learn how to make your customers fall in love.



We’ll implement your strategy and craft a visual identity that speaks to your audience and uniquely identifies you. 



Time to apply your new brand identity across your stationery, packaging, social media artworks, website, and more.



Get a custom brand roadmap with actionable tools and solutions on how to consistently show up as the brand you want to be.

Happy Clients
“We leveled up, the image of our brand is clearer now.

The whole process was perfect. I connected with Marley since our first Zoom meeting and I knew that she’s the right person to work with.”

– Lisette Mendy, Mendy Beauty

Hello there

I’m Marley.

I help passionate female entrepreneurs grow their businesses through clear, strategy-driven and beautiful designs.

As an entrepreneur myself, I know how overwhelming it is to run a business that’s why it’s my goal to make the process of brand building easier for you.

My main focus is to help you understand your brand, give it clarity and position it well so it reflects your vision and attracts your ideal customers.

Marley Alconera

Why work with Marley Designs?

Strategy-Driven Approach

Together, we’ll go beyond logos and dive deeper into what makes your brand unique, relevant, and impactful in the lives of your customers.


Resolve your identity crisis, own your space in your industry, and get a clearer direction on where to take your business.


Have a purposeful brand that is strategically built and designed with pure hard work, dedication and passion.

Ready to elevate your brand?

We’d love to know more details about your business and see how we can work together!

Please send us an email at to inquire.

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Based in the UAE, serving clients worldwide