Millionways Collective

Our collective team of professional creatives built to help you position yourself as an expert,
build trust, establish authority, and grow an engaged community through social media.

Created for YOU

We get it—running a business is tough. Between juggling your responsibilities, growing your audience, and managing sales, there just aren’t enough hours in the day to manage your online presence.

That’s why we’ve come together to create a team that will help you implement and execute your social media content through professional photography, reels, and graphic design—so you can build a strong personal brand while focusing on growing your business.

This way, you can focus on your genius zone while the team takes care of your socials!

Meet the Team

Millionways Studios

Professional personal brand photographer; will make you feel like a superstar on your shoot

Marley Designs

branding expert; will make sure that your expertise is powerfully positioned and your brand values are solidly communicated 

Mae, Ralz & Jona,
The Scale on Socials Team

The trio that will help you maximize the potential of your social media with strategy and consistent execution; create momentum so you can attract the right audience and grow an engaged community.

Our Offer

7500 AED/month (5500AED/month for the first 5 brands to sign up as founding clients)

Social Media Management
– Full month consistent content
– 15 feed posts (5 video reels, 5 graphics, 5 photos) & 
15 stories
– Optimized social media profiles: bio, highlights, primary feed content
– Management & copywriting: on-brand captions and consistent posting

All light edited photos

Video Shoot
– Video filming for reels
– Scripts and shooting brief
– Filming studio

*Working together, all of the above are planned out with you in advance so we are prepared in advance for each month and have a bank of content. This will help us gain momentum and stay consistent online. Don’t worry, we’re here for the heavy lifting.

This is for you if:

✔ You know that your social media has a lot of potential to bring in leads and clients but it’s not fully utilized

✔ You want to position yourself as an authority in the space

✔ You’d like to use social media as a way to nurture your audience and build trust

✔ You want to stay consistent but don’t have all day to be online

✔ You’d like to stay on your zone of genius instead and serve your clients

✔ You want to have more time freedom instead of figuring everything out

✔ You have a lot of ideas but are often frustrated that they are not executed

✔ You’re ready to be supported

If this is you, it is time to be supported by the right people.

Not only is the collective here to help you with tasks, the team is on a mission to help you bring your ideas to execution. Our aim is to maximize what your brand can become by helping you not only with strategy but with implementation.

We see how so many brands can make so much more out of their social media but we also understand how difficult it can get to stay on top of everything. 

That’s precisely why the collective came together – to be an extension of your company, to bring your vision to reality. 

If you’re ready for the upgrade this 2023, that’s what we are here for. 

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